3 Books to overcome school going anxiety in kids

3 Books to overcome school going anxiety in kids

3 Books to overcome school going anxiety in kids

Helping children overcome school-related anxiety is important, and there are several books that can offer valuable insights and strategies. Here are three recommendations:

1. "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn

Synopsis: This heartwarming picture book tells the story of a young raccoon named Chester who is anxious about going to school. Chester's mother shares a special secret – the "kissing hand" – to comfort him when he feels scared or lonely. The book emphasizes the power of love and reassurance, providing a sweet and comforting message for children facing separation anxiety.

2. "The Pigeon has to Go to School" by Mo Willems

Synopsis: In the book, the Pigeon is initially resistant to the idea of going to school. He comes up with various humorous and imaginative reasons why he shouldn't have to attend, such as worrying about math, reading, and not knowing anyone. The Pigeon's lively and entertaining personality shines through as he tries to negotiate with the reader and come up with creative excuses to avoid going to school. Throughout the story, the Pigeon's worries are addressed, and he discovers that school can be an exciting and positive experience.

3."Wemberly Worried" by Kevin Henkes

 Synopsis: Wemberly is a little mouse who worries about everything, especially starting school. This charming picture book follows Wemberly's journey as she navigates her fears and discovers that things might not be as bad as she imagined. The story offers a relatable perspective on anxiety and encourages children to confront and manage their worries

Remember that each child is unique, so it's essential to choose books that resonate with their specific concerns and preferences. Additionally, open communication with children, involvement of parents, and support from teachers can complement the use of these books in addressing school-related anxiety.