Channapatna Jocker Counting Stacker

Rs. 540.00
Type: wooden toys
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Channapatna toys takes pride in bringing you handmade wooden toys stacking counting and color sorting toy that are 100% safe, free from toxic paints, plastics and batteries so that your child can have fun in the healthiest possible way! We have re-invented the traditional Indian wooden toys to provide the perfect amalgamation of older wisdom and modern needs for your little ones.

  • These handmade toys are crafted by our veteran artisans of Channapatna who have been immersed in this art of creating traditional Indian wooden toys for generations. By purchasing our handmade wooden toys, you are not only bringing happiness to your kids, but supporting a lot of these artisans' families too.
  • Our manufacturing practices The choices we make today, decide what kind of world we can leave for our children and theirs tomorrow. At Channapatna toys, we firmly believe in sustainable manufacturing.
  • Eco-friendly: Our toys are made of natural materials such as wood and never contain batteries, plastic, or electronics.
  • Child-safe: We use only vegetable dyes and water-based paints (no lead or other toxics) and beeswax for our polish.
  • Made in India: Every Channapatna toys toy is designed by our in-house creators and handcrafted by our local artisans in channapatna.


Dimension -14 x 6 x 12 cm

Weight - 

Material - Wood