Play Poco Magnetic Brain Games - 112 Puzzles with 20 Magnetic Shapes

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Type: Toys
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  • Solve 112 puzzles designed to challenge the brain. Both, kids and parents will find Brain Games very engaging. The whole family can come together to solve the puzzles and see who can solve the puzzles the fastest
  • How to play ? Pick one pattern from the puzzle book. Arrange the magnetic shapes to match the pattern. Check the solution in the solution book
  • Each set includes 18 Magnetic shapes (both sides magnetic), a magnetic canvas (9X9 inches), puzzle book with 112 puzzles, solution book with 112 solutions
  • Brain Games puzzles are suitable for both boys and girls (age 6+). Even older kids, age 10 - 15, will enjoy challenging their brain. It promises hours of fun with friends and family
  • Brain Games puzzles supercharge the brain. A regular use of these puzzles boosts IQ and improves spatial thinking and logical thinking skills.This is a great S.T.E.M. toy designed to help kids understand basic principles of geometry, symmetry and ratio and proportions

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