Play Poco Magnetic Fun with Alphabet and Words - with 64 Picture Magne

Play Poco Magnetic Fun with Alphabet and Words - with 64 Picture Magnets, 144 Letter Magnets (Capital & Small), Magnetic Board and Spelling Guide

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  • Each set includes 64 picture magnets, 144 letter magnets, 1 magnetic board, spelling guide and 4 magic seal pouches to store the magnets
  • How to play? Pick up the beautifully illustrated picture magnets and place them on the magnetic board. Identify the object in the picture. Use the letter magnets to spell the word in the picture. A spelling guide is included in each set to help get the kids started. This product is suitable for both boys and girls. Children can play in groups as well
  • Many ways to play â?? (i)Identify objects in the pictures (ii) Match the object with its starting letter (iii) Match a letter with an object that starts with that letter (Eg: A for apple) (iv) Spell the words beforehand and ask the kids to match the correct picture (v) Spell the word in the picture
  • This is a perfect introduction to simple words. The colorful pictures help your child associate words with objects. This product helps to develop early reading skills including letter recognition, word formation and spelling
  • Working towards creating each word helps your child develop their concentration skills. The magnetic pictures and the magnetic letters are thick and made of durable materials. This enables the kids to easily pick up, pinch and grasp pieces and move them around. This leads to fine motor skills development and hand-eye coordination

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