Top 10 Educational YouTube channels for your Kids: Curated by FirstToyz

Top 10 Educational YouTube channels for your Kids: Curated by FirstToyz

We all know, that is a great learning resource for a child if it is managed well by parents. This is scientifically proven, children learn the best through audio-visual format. YouTube contains quality learning videos to help make your child aware of how the world works. Homework help, learning a skill, or just learning for fun. YouTube has it all.

Below is our curated list of 10 educational channels for Kids to which you must subscribe to:

1. Crash Course Kids


Crash Course Kids is a great way to engage young children in the thrilling world of science. It covers various topics such as space, chemical reactions, etc. Making science fun and interesting for children is what this channel strives to achieve. All the kids who are curious to know how the world works must tune in to this channel.

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 2. Number Blocks


This channel is all about numbers. Numberblocks does a fabulous job of helping kids understand what numbers actually mean. Since each character is made out of unit blocks, they're a great way for children to actually visualise and learn the numbers without any effort.

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3. Alphablocks


Short videos are fun to watch. Alphablocks is a channel of short and fun videos that teaches kids letters and phonics. It combines fun and efucation- perfect for little kids. The Alphablocks are 26 living letters who discover that whenever they hold hands and make a word, something magical happens. So, get ready for adventure and join the world of Alphablocks.

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4. Ted-Ed

Ted ED

This is for all the curious kids out there! TED-Ed, part of the signature TED talks, explains the burning childhood questions through animated videos. You can search for any topic that interests you through the well organised playlists.

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5. Sesame Street

Sesame Street

Who doesn't love Sesame Street? It is a series of short videos to help your children learn basic life skills in a fun and interesting way. The animated videos are awesome to watch. The characters are funny and cute.

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6. Nat Geo Kids

Nat Geo Kids
The child-friendly version of the popular network National Geographic. Nat Geo Kids features child-friendly videos about various topics such as science, art, education, etc.. The videos are short and crisp, and there’s lots of information for the kids.

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7. Khan Academy kids

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide free education worldwide. This channel offers videos on a wide range of subjects in a simple and fun way. Not only this, but it also offers videos on common student topics like managing exam stress, procrastination, etc. 

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8. Sci-show kids

Sci-show kids

Does your kid ask a lot of questions? Well, not to worry! This channel has answers to almost all the questions. Dive in to the world of science with 'Sci Show Kids'. Explore the fun science experiments to make your child gleam with joy and wonder.

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9. Rock N Learn


Rock n Learn contains short videos for learning Maths and English. For toddlers, it has simple topics to learn alphabet and numbers. For pre-schoolers, there are  advanced videos like spelling, addition and subtraction.

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10. Leo the Wildlife Ranger

Leo the Wildlife Ranger

Leo the Wildlife Ranger videos are fun to watch and contain many scientifc information  like species identification, habitat, and endangerment status. Besides cartoons, they also show photos of the animals’ real-life appearances. These videos also focus on lesser known and exotic species. Since little kids sometimes get scared of animals, the Channel teaches kids not to get scared.

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