Top five most fantastic LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Minifigure suits that you m
Top five most fantastic LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Minifigure suits that you must buy!! Aadarsh, Firsttoys, FirstToyz, Lego, physical games, toys FirstToyz®

Top five most fantastic LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Minifigure suits that you must buy!!

Top five most fantastic LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Minifigure suits that you must buy!!

Hello Readers, I am, Aadarsh Upadhyay with another blog! In this blog, I will discuss the top Five LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Minifigures that a real Lloyd fan must have. I am putting all of my efforts into writing this blog as I have been a LEGO Ninjago fan since I was very young and this is really a topic that I love discussing.

In this blog post, I will be discussing all of the pros and cons of each of the top five suits. This is all my personal opinion. I am a fan of the green ninja as his powers are extraordinary. I also like his personality. Here are my personal favorite Lloyd suits ever made!!

5. At the fifth place, we have the Season five Lloyd suit.

This suit, despite being a great one, is not seen much in the season and the rest of the lego sets. During the season, the suit is depicted as it is made of a ghost-proof stone. It has a nice dark texture and the airjitsu symbol on it. I also like the classic-style hood on this character and the attention to the minor details in the printing. This character has a shoulder piece and some minor details like kunai knives in the belt that make it stand out a lot.

4. At fourth place, we have the season 8 Lloyd suit.

I particularly like the shoulder piece and the two-piece mask on the Head. I also like the small pores in the suit and the belt on the pant piece. It also has the post-time skip headpiece and comes with two katanas and a silver sword. I like the black gloves and the knee pads. The suit also has a really good color scheme and the grey and green combo make it look amazing!

3. In the top three, we have the season 9 suit.

It gives a post-apocalyptic vibe as Garmadon has taken over Ninjago City. The black mask bottom piece gives a unique look. I like the Mystake tea symbol and the throwing star belt across the torso piece. It also has small metallic elements and steel fibers in some places. It has the same shoulder plate and katana holster as the season eight suit and continues the dark green and grey color scheme.

2. In second place, we have Lloyd's season 11 suit.

This suit was introduced in season 11 and continued as the backup suit till season 16! I think the shoulder piece with the snowflake pattern is interesting. This suit is the generic suit used by Lloyd when he doesn’t get his new suit for a new season yet. I also like the symbol on top of the mask that represents the letter “L” (L for Lloyd ). Instead of a different color scheme, this suit (or gi) has a main green color and small accents of yellow, grey, brown, and dark green.

1. The best Lloyd suit that is there in there in the market is The season 14 suit!!

This suit gives a feeling that you are lost in a jungle and the face printing has two extra camouflage stripes. This suit also has a belt with Lloyd’s symbol on it and a hair piece and a small mask piece. It has a dark tan and dark green color scheme. This suit has small details like leaves and small chains on the side of the legs. This character also has green arms with black glove hands. I personally find this as my favorite as it looks more natural and blends in with Lloyd’s green element along with the surroundings.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my opinion on the suits and please share your opinion on the suits in the comments. I have also posted another blog on speedcubing. I hope you read that and follow all of my posts. Thanks to for helping me publish this blog. I am also planning to post videos and blogs related to Pokemon cards soon.


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