Top 5 DIY crafts that you must do!
Top 5 DIY crafts that you must do! Aadarsh, DIY, FirstToyz, Papercraft, toys FirstToyz®

Top 5 DIY crafts that you must do!

Top 5 DIY crafts that you must do!

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Adarsh here, I hope all of you are following my blogs and videos on the channel. In today’s blog, we will be talking about DIY. So, If you are bored of watching the same movie on repeat, why not try something new? DIY stands for do it yourself. It is a common word used in terms of origami and crafts. Here are the top 5 DIY projects that you must try! So, DIY can be beneficial in boosting your creativity and can also help improve focus. Did you know that your attention span is your age plus one? Impressive, right? Well, Please be sure to read all of my other blogs and check my videos on the FirstToyz® official channel.  I will only be discussing the paper and cardboard-related topics. You can also check and request other blogs! So, let us dive into the topic.

5. Papercraft: Papercraft is a series of folds and gluing that can be used to create shapes and figures. I generate papercraft figures about video game figures with printouts. I find this a hobby and it is intuitive and fun. Here is a link to a website that you can use to create some figures of your own:)! Blog DIY Make In India online toys store

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4. Cardboard houses and crafts: Being one of the simplest and most fun forms of DIY, this can be gripping and is an extremely fun hobby. This is suitable for all ages for people above the age of three! This is a very nice way to get your or your child’s motor skills developed at a very young age. It is an extremely efficient way to recycle unused cardboard. Blog DIY Make In India online toys store

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3. Best out of waste: A lot of people collect trash from their houses and the roadside and create sculptures and figurines out of them. You can use cans and buttons to make a small robot, You 

can make a pool cleaner out of a broken vacuum cleaner, and many more things! It is very eco-friendly as well! Blog DIY Make In India online toys store

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2. Drawings and paintings; Drawing and paintings can help in expressing one’s feelings as well, and can also boost imagination. You can paint scenery, create characters, explore more art, draw figurines, etc. I find this form of DIY art extremely engaging and simple. Blog DIY Make In India online toys Blog DIY Make In India online toys store

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1. My favorite form of DIY is flipbooks. Flipbooks are pictures repeatedly drawn differently on different papers that represent animated pictures. When you bind them, you can see the character in the picture move like an animated clip. You can make them digitally and print them out, or draw them by hand. This allows you to be creative and display your characters in a sort of motion picture manner. You can create anything, Yeah, anything! Blog DIY Make In India online toys store

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Aadarsh Upadhyay, Age 11
Grade 6, Birla Open Minds International School, Hyderabad

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