Top 5 collectibles kids must keep on their shelf
Recommendation: Top 5 collectibles kids must keep on their shelf Aadarsh, collectibles, digital games, digital toys, Firsttoys, FirstToyz, kidsgame, Lego, toys FirstToyz®

Recommendation: Top 5 collectibles kids must keep on their shelf

Recommendation: Top 5 collectibles kids must keep on their shelf

Hello everyone!

Aadarsh here, I am back with another blog post. Today we will be talking about some rare and even valuable collectibles I have. This includes Pokemon cards, Roblox Figures, Bakugan toys, and more! You may have your own list and here is my list as a recommendation. I hope you all reading and enjoying my posts.

At Number 5:

 Bakugan official Toys Bakugan toys


So starting with fifth place, we have a common collectible series. The Bakugan official Toys. You can collect all of the different Bakugan monsters and battle each of them against others. The Bakugan collectible toy series started after the big hit of the series Bakugan was a big hit on Netflix. The audience wanted more added to the franchise. Bakugan toys can convert from dormant position to active position. It includes a playmat and you can battle with them.

At Number 4: 

Coin Collection

In the fourth position, we have everyone’s favorite hobby as a kid. Coin collecting. Whether it is passed down from generations or can even be recent coins, we all enjoy making and displaying our collections. Most of the collectors have coins from 1600 AD- Around the 20th century, while more recent collectors have coins from 20-21st century. Some coins are even auctioned for billions of dollars. I find coin collecting fun

At Number 3:

Rock Collectible

In the top three, we have Rock collecting. Whether you are fun-loving, or a professional geologist this is most people's hobby. This particular hobby is one of my favourites. I have a rock collection as well. People can find regular marble and graphite at surface level, while if you go underground, you can find topaz and geodes. If you visit mines in India, you have chances of finding diamonds and gold underground.

At Number 2: 

Roblox Collectibles

Roblox figure collectibles is my second most collectibles. These figures are exceeding everyone’s success due to their sales and also how you can play with them. There are hundreds of different themed characters along with storage cases and more. These toys can be stored and displayed, or played with individually. You can also mix and match to create custom figures. I have a set of these figures and find playing with them very enjoyable.

At Number 1: 

 pokemon cards and figures Pokeman cards


In the first place, we have pokemon cards and figures. The Pokemon (Pocket monster) franchise has been running science before the 21st century and has many collectible items like cards and figures. These cards and figures have been auctioned and sold for billions of dollars. The main stars of the show are Ash and his pokemon Pikachu. Ash is embarking on his journey to become the best pokemon trainer. The main rarest cards include Pikachu, Arceus, and Charizard cards. These cards are meant for trading and battling. I also enjoy collecting these cards and highly recommend them from a collectors point of view.


Aadarsh Upadhyay, Age 11
Grade 6, Birla Open Minds International School, Hyderabad

Pic Reference: Bakugan/Pokeman/Roblox site and Google web search

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