How IoT and AI is changing the game/toy industry and its impact

How IoT and AI is changing the game/toy industry and its impact

What is IoT? 

  • IoT or the Internet of things is a platform where all of the physical devices worldwide are connected through the Internet.
  • Computer chips and various wireless networks have made it very easy to help turn a giant-sized dysfunctional object into a high-tech machine with all the features needed to help in the day-to-day work.

What is AI?

  • AI or Artificial Intelligence is an advanced sector of data science wherein one teaches the machine to learn human behavior by inserting all the data from the world. It helps a machine gain all the knowledge and then behave like a human by learning from the new data inserted every second. 
  • These things help a machine get better and better with time and store more data and hence, help it perform well with the required human expectations and make life easier.
  • Take the example of the simple google service voice recognition AI bot. It helps you transform your voice into text format. Imagine how cool it would be if it were able to detect the language of your kid in the growing period!

Evolution of toys and games with the introduction of IoT/AI

  • In the past few decades, the introduction of IoT and AI in toys has become significant. Although, they are yet to become an everyday experience for most young children. 
  • Nonetheless, introducing technology into toys has induced the lessening of interest in the traditional toys in the market. With that comes the induction of an interest in STEM in these children from a very early age. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 
  • Various intelligent toys and games like smart speakers, smartwatches that can talk to your child have taken over a major segment of the toy industry globally. 
  • An example depicting the usefulness of AI intelligent toys for kids is :

Sphero: It is a spherical AI-powered device capable of rolling under a smartphone or tablet control. It is advertised as a "go anywhere, do anything programmable robot" with modular parts and all-terrain capability. It has an increased focus on education, as per Wikipedia.

  • AI toys are not just for engineering. Kids learn a lot, like building from start to end. The working of the whole robotic model helps them learn how to concentrate.

How is it beneficial?

  • These kinds of toys promote interest in new technology and innovation. It is remarkable how much the market of toys and games has grown with the introduction of technology and AI. 
  • With the connection of various toys with one's PC or mobile phones with the help of IoT, all of this makes it easier and entertaining for a child to get engrossed with intelligent educational toys. It helps a child learn a whole of new things from these smart toys only! 
  • These days, even educational apps promote many high-tech systems of studying through games and videos using graphics technology to make it more interesting, making learning simple, easy, and attention-seeking.

Some disadvantages of intelligent gadgets on PCs/mobile phones

  •  However, with the advantage of learning comes screen timing. The amount of time your child spends on the PC or mobile phone also matters a lot.
  •  Usually, children are so engrossed and obsessed with a particular game or a particular toy that they do not realize that they are hurting their eyes. Sometimes, it is hindering their mental and physical health. 
  • Because, with entertainment and learning, also comes one's health that is to be kept in mind. So, one of the significant disadvantages of using an intelligent toy or a game is its addiction.
  • It is a widespread problem faced by a lot of parents. Their kids are so engrossed with the game that even telling them to go out for a walk or maybe taking that game away from them might lead them to cry, not eating food sometimes, begging for one more hour with the pc games. 

What can one do to overcome screen timing issues?

  • There are many ways you can keep your child interactive enough to play outdoor games too! Alternatively, maybe play with traditional toys too! 
  • Like making a proper routine wherein you indulge your child in various outdoor activities, you take part in them. With time you would know how to make the activity more fun and exciting.
  •  Identify what your child is inclined towards and use them as alternatives to screen time.
  •  If your child likes to listen to stories, then read him or her a book! What could be more fun than telling your child a fictional story, right?
  •  Spend some time with your child playing board games or maybe outdoor games if he/she is old enough.
  •  Engaging your child in household activities is also one of the other alternatives.


AI toys promote innovation, technology, implementation of creativity, and focus. But with AI toys, a lot of PC and mobile games also provide the opportunity of learning. The only thing to be taken care of is that your child doesn't get addicted to mobile phones as it might hinder their mental and physical health. Furthermore, precautions can be taken, as stated earlier. All in all, intelligent toys using AI and IoT have been a breakthrough in science and technology, helping kids learn fast and grow creative and more innovative.


Blog by: Arya Pandey on behalf of FirstToyz™