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How IoT and AI is changing the game/toy industry and its impact

AI toys promote innovation, technology, implementation of creativity and focus. But with AI toys, a lot of PC and mobile games also provide the opportunity of learning. Only thing to be taken care of is that your child doesn’t get addicted to mobile phones as it might hinder their mental and physical health. Furthermore, precautions can be taken as stated earlier. All in all smart toys using  AI, iOT have been a major breakthrough in the field of science and technology helping kids to learn fast and grow creative and smarter.

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Impact of digital and physical play on early childhood

Early childhood is a time period in which the development and growth of brain in a child is at the apex . It is the stage in which children are highly influenced by their surroundings . We can't ignore the fact that playing is a crucial part of their lives which makes a significant contribution towards the early development.

In this article we would be exploring some of the important affects of play in the early stages of childhood and how it stimulates learning . Our main focus throughout this article would be how digital and physical play can impact a child during early development .

Play is important as not only does it  help children becoming more mindful about their surroundings but also helps in stimulating creativity and making them more experienced and mature by giving them life lessons from their daily activities . They also begin to have their own opinions and perspective about various things in life . A good playing environment can help in improvement of mental and physical health .

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