Impact of digital and physical play on early childhood

Impact of digital and physical play on early childhood

Early childhood is when the growth and development of a child's brain are at the apex. It is the stage in which their surroundings highly influence them. We can't ignore the fact that playing is a crucial part of their lives, making a significant contribution towards early development.

This article will explore some of the acute effects of play in the early stages of childhood and how it stimulates learning. Our primary focus throughout this article would be how digital, and physical space can impact a child during early development.


Play is essential as not only does it help children become more mindful about their surroundings and helps in stimulating creativity and making them more experienced and mature by giving them life lessons from their daily activities. They also begin to have their own opinions and perspectives about various things in life. A good playing environment can help in the improvement of mental and physical health.


Talking about digital play, it is nothing but an activity involving digital technologies. It involves various activities like playing with electronic toys, computers, and video games, etc.

Physical play mainly involves physical activities and body movement like running, jumping, and playing with toys ( not electronics). And so they have a lot of health benefits and help in the enhancement of motor skills.


With the developing and upcoming technology that has become so wide-ranging, it is easy for toddlers to access different electronic gadgets. Nowadays, play in early childhood has become more confined to electronic toys and devices like mobile phones and television, especially in developed countries, and nowadays also common in developing countries. 

Unlike those old times, when children played with toys and spent more time with their families, siblings, relatives, and more physical movement, now the time has changed.

As said above, markets are flourishing with electronic devices and gadgets specifically designed for this purpose. Nowadays, one can see many benefits of digital play, as the development of social skills. You will no longer feel isolated and solitary while using these gadgets.

There are many games young children play that also involve interaction. It also improves problem-solving ability and improves concentration. But how? Well, have you ever noticed your kid sitting in front of the television, and your movement hardly distracts them. Many computer games help children improve their coordination skills. But does this all make it suitable for young toddlers to frequently use electronic gadgets? Let us find.


Digital play can harm your child's health. It can develop their social skills up to some extent, but in the long run, it can also lead to problems like child obesity which can be caused by spending too much time on screen with no physical activity or movement. Also, other issues like stress, social anxiety, speech anxiety, zero interaction, and always remaining within the four walls can be a reason. 

Technology might also deteriorate the relationship between the child and the parents. Your child might want to be in solitude, and in the long run, there would be a lack of conversation, which would also affect the linguistic skills. Online surfing can be vicious and menacing since cyber crimes have become very common.


But what are some other ways through which your children can play in their early childhood avoiding the above-given consequences? The answer is physical play. Physical play helps develop motor skills and build relationships along with the development of social and communication skills. Children will learn to interact more. The interaction will make them more understanding developing the EQ ( emotional quotient). 

Children tend to learn many things from nature. Despite these factors, it has become quite difficult to step out of our houses due to the pandemic. Therefore, the best way of playing without digital technology is playing with toys during a time like this. Nowadays, as a consumer, you can easily find a variety of toys in the markets.


Toys have also become a source of education. It is no longer necessary for you to show your kids educational videos on the internet. You can impart education through educational toys specifically designed to stimulate learning and make them more creative. 

The building block, Rubrics, cube construction toys, etc., can help in the development of their sensory-motor skills; for example, fidget spinners have become very common. Despite this, not a lot of people know about its benefits. It relieves stress and anxiety. Some toys can also make children suffering from Asperger's syndrome or autism relax and relieve their pressure.

 Besides this, parents can easily spend more time with their children as this will also involve interaction and eventually improve their social skills and stimulation of learning.

Author: Ayushi Pandey on behalf of FirstToyz®